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Wizfill Lidocaine

WizFill Lidocaine
Wizfill Lidocaine No.1 Wizfill Lidocaine No.2 Wizfill Lidocaine No.3
Lidocaine 3mg/mL
HA concentration 24mg/mL
Package 1.1mL x 1syr 1.1mL x 1syr 1.1mL x 1syr
Needle 27Gx1EA / 30Gx1EA 27Gx1EA / 30Gx1EA 25Gx1EA / 27Gx1EA
Cannula - - -
Intended Use It is used to temporarily improve the facial wrinkles of an adult by physically repairing them after hypodermically injecting cross-linked hyaluronic acid containing lidocaine.
* This product is a'medical device'. Please read and use the'Precautions for use' and'How to use' carefully.
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